Gannon's Photography - Gannon McGhee

Salt River

It was a perfect day for landscape photography. There were stormy clouds and a light rain. There was even a gap in the clouds on the western horizon. It was so exciting to head to a new spot. We were going to photograph The Three Sisters in the Superstition Mountains. Everything was great…until we came to a sign on Peralta Road that said “YOU SHALL NOT TAKE GREAT PHOTOS OF THE SUPERSTITION MOUNTAINS ON THIS MOST INCREDIBLE DAY! HAHA, YOU SUCKER!” What?! Who would put a sign there like that?! Why are they ruining our photo trip?! Ok, maybe I was blowing it a little out of proportion. With some help from my wife I was able to calm down and read the sign again, more carefully this time. What the sign actually said is that you need a state land recreational permit in order to visit the area. So, determined not to give in to defeat, we decided to drive back into town to see if there was anywhere to buy a state land recreational permit. Well, you can’t get one at Walgreens, but they think you you can get one at the Shell. So, we went to the Shell where they sent us to Bashas where you can’t get one either. What Bashas did have, though, was a Tonto Pass so we bought one of those. We had to buy something after all that, right? I knew of another spot that we had never been to where we could use the Tonto Pass. So, we took our pass and headed to this spot on the Salt River near Saguaro Lake. By the time we got there and hurried down to the edge of the water we had about 5 minutes before the sun went down. I quickly learned that trying to run on wet rocks is not a great idea but I did manage to get a few shots without any breaks or strains or looking too ridiculous (well, maybe not this one). In Photoshop I was able to merge some of the shots together and move some rocks around and I think I ended up with a really nice photo. It was a difficult shot for some unusual reasons but it was definitely a day I will remember.