Gannon's Photography - Gannon McGhee

Arches National Park

In Arches National Park there is a place just past the Park Avenue trailhead where rain water leaves puddles in the rock. And with towering sandstone formations all around, it makes it really hard to take a bad picture. The amazing thing is that when we were there in December, on a holiday weekend, there was nobody there! With the exception of one lady who was there to walk her dog (is that even allowed?!), we had the place to ourselves. There was even a gap in the clouds where the sun was about to come up. Perfect! Unfortunately, I soon found out that I didn't know which way was east when the sun didn't come up where it was supposed to. (Note to self: buy a compass.) About an hour later the sun finally broke through the clouds and I got my shot. Every time we go on vacation and visit a place with lots of amazing landscapes close by, like Moab, I tell my wife that I wish we could just stay for a year and photograph all the seasons on the days when the weather is best for photography. If we could do that, I wonder how many perfect spots, that nobody goes to, we would find around Moab. I think there would be a lot.