Gannon's Photography - Gannon McGhee

Bears Ears National Monument

On January 1st we drove home from Moab. It was some of the worst weather I have driven in. At times, all we could see of the road was two tracks in the snow from the car in front of us. At other times, we couldn't see much of anything at all due to the fog. When we reached southeastern Utah, the weather had let up a little and this was the view from the highway just north of Mexican Hat. So, we pulled over and jumped out of the truck...into what we discovered was about two inches of mud. It was the kind of mud that sticks to your shoes so that every step is heavier than the last. There was no way to do this without making a huge mess but it was too late to go back so I just grabbed the camera and slogged through the mud to find an interesting foreground for my shot. I spent some time photographing a few different angles and then some more time trying to figure out what to do with our shoes so that we didn't get mud all over the inside of our truck. We eventually figured it out and we were on our way again. When I looked at the raw files later I decided to remove the foreground and create a panorama that features the foggy sandstone formations in the distance. I realize now that I could have taken just as good of a photo from the warm dry cab of our truck. So, what's the moral of the story? Take the easy way. It's probably good enough for landscape photography. Ok, I admit that's really bad advice, but isn't that what modern life is all about?