Gannon's Photography - Gannon McGhee

Mesa Arch

You have to get up early to photograph Mesa Arch. Rebekah and I left our rental house in Moab two hours before sunrise. We only saw one or two cars on the road out there. For landscape photography, it really pays off to get an early start. We pulled in to the parking lot about an hour before sunrise and (record scratch sound) THE PARKING LOT WAS ALMOST FULL! It turns out that the reason we didn't see any cars on the road is because everyone was already there! There were at least 50 people wedged in in front of the arch waiting to get that classic shot as soon as the sun came up. I paced back and forth behind the crowd for about 45 minutes until I was finally able to squeeze in and get this shot and, even though I had to settle for the angle that nobody else wanted, I am quite happy with the composition. So, I would like to thank the 50 other photographers and tourists that were at Mesa Arch that day for keeping this spot open for me. You probably didn't know it but you helped me create a great image.