Gannon's Photography - Gannon McGhee

Tucson Mountain Park

I have been thinking about the fact that where the sun sets on the horizon varies drastically depending on the time of year. In Tucson, the sun sets 56 degrees farther north in the summer than it does in the winter which means that the winter sun sets in the southwest and the summer sun sets in the northwest. For me, this adds a new element to landscape photography. It's not just a matter of returning to a location over and over until the weather conditions are just right. Now, I have to think about where the sun is going to set and anticipate what time of year is best for a particular location. For this location, there is a short window two times per year when the sun sets between Golden Gate Mountian and another mountain to the west. I took this shot during one of those windows a few weeks ago. With the last light of day shining unobstructed between the two mountains, I was able to capture an image where the landscape was still illuminated while the clouds were beginning to change color.